The Finance & Investment Society (FIS) is open to all students with an interest in business development and finance. Whether your goal is corporate finance, financial planning or any other professional goal, FIS is designed to help students network with real business professionals.



Meet and connect with our weekly keynote speakers and business leaders from all areas of finance & investment.  Take a look at our growing list of past speakers.


Evaluate and decide which area of finance suits you!  Past speakers have originated from all aspects of finance:

Wealth Management | Mergers & Acquisitions | Private Equity | Corporate Finance | Investment Banking | Entrepreneurship


Be the first on campus to hear about new & exciting internships.  Keynote speakers and local companies will often reach out to FIS members seeking the brightest and most driven students.


Interact with fellow Aztecs who share similar interests and make new friends in the process.  Past events have included baseball games, rock climbing, beach clean-ups, and 5K cosmic runs!


Become Bloomberg certified in our on campus Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab.  Learn from fellow members and build study groups to gain an edge in your classes.

Join our Mailing list to keep up to date with our speakers and events!

Finance and Investment Society Mailing List

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Membership Eligibility

1.    Students must be currently enrolled and in “good standing” at San Diego State University.
2.    Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 or more units.
3.    Students are responsible for paying membership dues in order to maintain membership. Please contact an Officer for current fees.
       Note: If money is an issue, please talk to one of our officers.